Engagement Shoot

In three weeks I get to photograph Victoria & Rob’s wedding. I was so excited that I met them after work to take some shots of them around St Paul’s cathedral and Borough Market. I used my 85mm Canon lens for the close ups and a 10-22mm Sigma lens for the wide shots. Other than that I just let the gorgeous July sunshine do the work .

20140727-114843 pm.jpg

20140727-114858 pm.jpg

20140727-114906 pm.jpg

20140727-114915 pm.jpg

20140727-114922 pm.jpg

20140727-114931 pm.jpg

20140727-114940 pm.jpg

20140727-114948 pm.jpg

20140727-114957 pm.jpg

20140727-115004 pm.jpg


4 Comments on “Engagement Shoot

  1. Nice shots with some interesting background ideas. Do especially like the first one of the hands and the kiss at the table! Lovely use of lighting in a couple of them too!

    • Thank you- lovely to get a genuine comment. Funny someone else said they liked the kiss at the table. I wouldn’t have picked it as my favourite but nice that you thought so too.

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