Travels through Vietnam day 2

We arrived in Lo Cai early and traveled by bus up the mountain to Sapa a beautiful village by a lake. After an amazing breakfast of rice noodle soup and coffee we set off on a hike to Ma Tran a black H’mong village (the women wear dark clothes they have made by hand). The journey was as much a part of the experience as the village- the beautiful views of the rice paddies and mountains were breathtaking. 

  We were joined by two lovely ladies one from Ma Tran and one from Ta Phin where the Red Dzao villagers live (these women have red headgear)    

 I managed to persuade them both to sing me some of their local songs and I sang a bit in return 😉 needless to say we ended up laughing quite a lot. A lot of the local women have umbrellas which is super useful when you are under the hot mountain sun! And they carry very heavy baskets on their backs with beautiful handicrafts inside which they have made by hand.  I now have more bags than I know what to do with!  As we walked, local children came to speak to us in their local dialect. This little one had just been playing in a river nearby…  

The day ended with an incredible lunch made by a villager in Ta Phin and a herbal foot bath. Just what we needed after the walk! Exhausted we arrived back in Sapa, showered and went to Buffalo Bell restaurant for dinner for some yummy tofu and pumkin soup. 


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