Travels through Vietnam day 3

I cannot believe we have only been here for three days! I’m currently sat in a cafe (Hiep Van restaurant) in Lo Cai which has wifi (everywhere has wifi it seems!) waiting for our night train back to Hanoi. We have had two hours to kill so we have turned to what we love best- some delicious food- it’s easy being veggie here- lots of yummy tofu, vegetable spring rolls and soups. Although there are sometimes sneaky bits of meat in rice dishes… I’m not too fussed here though- something about everything being so fresh and local it doesn’t seem to matter as much! Today we went on another long (for me) hike, this time we traveled south to Lo Chai. Again we were met by our great Handspan guide Ho who took us to the Sapa market to pick up some bits for our lunch- everything was on offer…

          We ended up choosing noodles, vegetables and a dragon fruit for pudding- my new favourite fruit..!
As we started walking we were joined by two women from Lo Chai- they were also Black H’mong but their clothes were lighter with less layers. Apparently the two groups don’t really integrate much… 

Both women were married with children and we spoke about their lives working in the rice paddy fields as well as coming to Sapa to pick up tourists. I couldn’t believe they had walked all the way to Sapa from Lo Chai (4 hours) only to walk back again with us. The idea was that we would buy some of their handycrafts at the end of the walk. It seemed mad and I tried to buy something straight away but they insisted they wanted to walk back home for lunch. I was quite grateful as there had been a huge thunder storm and the road was so slippy I wouldn’t have made it down the mountain without their help… The red dot on her forehead is from hot cups that were put there to help with her headache…   
The journey was yet again breathtaking- more touristy this time though and Lo Chai seemed very developed- beautiful none the less though!  



One Comment on “Travels through Vietnam day 3

  1. The Vietnam Terraced Rice Paddy Fields are so beautiful and fascinating. I always want to visit Sapa in winter because there is a lot of snow there.

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