Travels through Vietnam Day 4 

After a long journey from Sapa to Hanoi on the sleeper and then from Hanoi to Halong Bay we were finally on our incredible boat – the Indochina Sails.  

 I haven’t ever felt so spoilt! There was even a jacuzzi bath with a window view of the gorgeous Halong Bay- stunning rock formations that go on for miles stretching out as far as the eye can see! 


The scenery was stunning and it didn’t take us long to relax on deck! 

 After lunch we headed off in kayaks – something I was a little worried about but completely blew me away- it has to be up there with my all time favourite things. The bay we were in was completely deserted bar a few floating fishing villages and we paddled past silently taking our surroundings in.  


Back on deck, exhausted and hungry we watched as a chef taught us how to make Vietnamese spring rolls- essentially a bit like a Mexican burrito but smaller- and then we gobbled them up! 

 To top the wonderful day off we drank a cocktail while watching the sun set- it was unbelievably silent and peaceful.  



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